Marina's Healing Therapies
Marina's Healing Therapies
Marina's Healing Therapies

Marina’s Healing Therapies

Welcome to Marina’s Healing Therapies,

A place of Relaxation, a safe space of solace and a reprieve from pain, stress and the monotony of daily life.

Take some TIME OUT to CHECK IN with yourself.

What I do…

including Remedial, Relaxation, Sports or Pregnancy.

Whether you require relaxation, relief from pain or injury management, massage can help and is a valuable investment to your health plan.

Divine and Benevolent Readings & Healings. Perfect if you are in an acute emotional state or needing guidance. Enjoy laying on a massage table and be guided to a calm and positive state of being.

Want to clean out your Negative emotional closet? If you feel like you’re “trudging” through life and need that extra support or don’t feel supported and very alone in this world then how about coaching? Its a bit like having an objective bestie by your side

As they say a friend in need is a friend indeed!

Experience the amazing thermal mass of Hot stones. A delicious deep heat that is absorbed into the body reliving it from anxiety stress and chills in the body.

Traditional Glass cupping and Modern Silicone cupping; relieving chronic tension and allowing the blood to flow into old injury sites.

Guided visualizations are a great way to help you to reconnect with your body allowing a deeper sense of calm and inspiring positive solutions out of stress and anxiety patterns

Enjoy moving toward positive outcomes and experience a beneficial mindset, allowing you to live life from your own divine wisdom.

Got a habit that just won’t budge even though you’ve been doing everything to “kick it”!!? Well, perhaps Hypnotherapy is for you!

Release bad habits, phobias or start Creatively Manifesting. Forecast your future using Hypnotherapy.

MMT Member

Marina is a member of the Massage Myotherapy Australia- MMT

Members of MMT are required to participate in Continuing Professional Education (CPE’s) and work under a Code of Conduct.

This gives peace of mind to the client that they are dealing with a Professional Accredited Therapist.

Health Fund Rebates also available.

Welcome to Marina’s Healing Therapies

Welcome to a safe space to unwind and find peace away from the pain, stress and the monotony of daily life.

Take some TIME OUT to CHECK IN with yourself.

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